Home Remedies You Can Try For Fast Hair Growth


Everyone especially ladies love to have a long and healthy hair. It is important to use natural products on our hair than the chemicals we apply which cause hair breakages or hair falls. Below are some remedies that are available at home that will perfectly work for your hair.


Rosemary herb works miracles on one’s scalp by unclogging hair follicles. Strengthen your hair roots and promote your hair growth by utilizing rosemary mixed with coconut and olive oil.


Eggs are an excellent source of proteins as hair is made up of keratin. It is one of the safestjnjgnnjyh and sure ways to prevent hair loss. Other proteins that promote healthy hair growth are cystine, lysine, arginine and methionine. It is important to include protein as part of your diet. You will eventually have a problem of hair loss if you do not have enough proteins in your diet. Other foods that you should take that are rich in proteins apart from eggs are lean meats, nuts, soy, fish, grains and dairy products. They are valuable in decreasing hair fall and improve hair growth.

Hot Oil Treatment

You can protect your hair and make it manageable and also healthy by employing hot oil treatments that are made with natural oils. Use a homemade mix of coconut and olive oil to maintain a healthy hair or repair damage.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the best-known natural treatments for growth as it reduces baldness while that improving growth. For good results apply twice in seven days.

Onion Juice

fvjgtnhyOnion juice has a lot of sulphur that increases collagen production in the tissues that assist to regrow. Using onion juice is a natural but effective way to prevent hair loss. When onion juice is utilized on the scalp, it helps stop hair loss issue by stimulating hair growth. A lot of people fear onion juice because of its awful smell and its effects on the eyes, but when you use onion juice make sure you wash your hair before leaving the house. This option is affordable safer opposed to same medicinal products for hair loss.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is beauty oil that is famous for curing loss and alopecia. It helps reduce stress and sleep apart from promoting growth. When this oil is utilized, it has relaxing effects to people which assist in stress and to induce sleep. Lavender oils have been documented in many research studies because of its health benefits.