Best Dental Practices


The set of teeth that we have in our mouth is are supposed to last us for all the time we will be on earth. Taking great care of our gums and teeth with the best dental practices will help us have them for the time we will be alive. The tooth decay is not just an issue that will affect the kids provided you possess a set of teeth; the teeth decay can affect you too. Tooth decay will destroy the enamel which usually covers your teeth and assists in protecting the set of teeth. In the event don’t have the best dental practices skills that you can use, bacteria will stick to the set teeth. It is the desire of everyone that every tooth will should sparkle. Below are some of the best dental practices to prevent teeth decay and gum diseases.

Best practices

Get regular dental checkups

gggghghgwqqwasTell your dentist to schedule checkups for you and don’t miss the checkups. When you have regular checkups, the dentist can detect a problem early and give you treatment. If the problems are not treated early, they can result in something serious that could have been avoided.

Don’t postpone dental treatments

Once your dentist has given you a checkup and notices something is wrong, you should get the treat immediately. Do not delay treatments like filling and canal treatments. By postponing you might be causing the bacteria to spread to other unaffected areas.

Drink more water a day

Water is the best for your overall health, oral health benefits too. Also, the dentist has recommended that one should drink water after every mean. This will help remove the food that is stuck in our teeth and wash away the acidity that some food have.

Use toothpaste that has fluoride

When selecting toothpaste, there is more to look for than just the ability of the toothpaste to whiten the teeth and the flavors. No matter which toothpaste you decide to use make sure that it has fluoride. As fluoride is known to have an effect on other parts of the body, it remains to be the best in oral health. Because fluoride fights against food decay. It works by fighting the germs and acting as a barrier.

Eat fruits and vegetables that are crunchy

hghghghghghgEating crunchy and fresh fruits don’t only come with healthy fiber, but is the best for the teeth. So avoid the processed food when you can, don’t cut a fruit to small pieces, but let jaws do the work. Parents should get their kids at an early stage those harder to eat foods.

Different Types Of Dental Services


Being a dentist involves so many procedures that are supposed to be carried out. A dentist before he is authorized to treat a patient he has to study and learn treatment methods that are involved in treating dental related issues. The thought of going to the doctor makes us all feel intimidated. Even if you visit the doctor daily or you have taken a long time since your last visit the visit will always make someone anxious. But getting the teeth checked on from time to time is so critical in ensuring that your teeth remain healthy. In this blog post. Am going to discuss some of the services that are offered by a dentist calgary NW and some that you should consider visiting the dentist to get the services.


Filling and repair

ghghgghhghghThe filling process involves restoring teeth that have decayed using the restorative materials. First, what the dentist will do is determine if you have teeth decay by x-ray and laser fluorescence. Once any teeth decay is detected, then they can continue with the filling. Also, trauma can affect the teeth causing them to break. Different materials are used in the process so make sure to ask your dentist which is the best one to use on your teeth.

Root canal treatment

A root canal is a process of removing tooth pulp. The space between teeth is cleaned, shaped and the filled once the pulp is removed. The most common cause of the pulp is a damaged teeth that have not been treated. If the tooth goes for long without being treated the pulp will build up pus forming an abscess. The abscess is very dangerous because it will affect the bone that is surrounding the teeth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the most common services that people know and a reason why so many people visit the doctor. Teeth will naturally change color as you get old and this is common. The process can also be fastened by some drinks like coffee, smoking cigarettes, and black tea. A peroxide-based material will be used in the process of whitening the teeth.

Implants and bridges

ghghghghghImplants and bridges are the two methods that dentist uses when they are replacing a missing tooth in your mouth. They are so many methods that are involved in the bridge process but the most common one used is the fixed bridge. For the dental implants, they are the metal or flames tooth that is positioned on the jaw to act as a replacement for the missing tooth.

Dental veneers for a brilliant smile


Dental veneers are a common dental procedure that is used to rectify some dental defects. Some of these defects include discolored teeth, fixing gaps and crooked teeth. With the recent technological advancements in this field, veneers are capable of giving you a more natural look. Here are a few things to know about veneers.

How dental veneers function and mode of application

Ideally, dental veneers are designed to conceal teeth imperfections. Over the decades, adscaSveneers have undergone through modifications to give your teeth a more natural look. The current veneers are made of porcelain. This material has many advantages. One it is not prone to staining. Two, it appears more natural because it has a light-reflecting property. Essentially, it is important to note that having dental veneers is not a one-day activity. You will have to visit your dentist at least two times before you have your veneers fixed.

Consultation and preparation

During the consultation stage, your dentist will determine if this is the most appropriate procedure for you. Once he or she has ascertained you are fit for the procedure, you move to the next stage that is preparation.

During preparation stage, the dentist will work on removing some enamel to allow fixing of the veneer. The dentist will later take an impression of your teeth to have a replica of the same. Once this is done, the veneers are fixed using an adhesive

Candidates for veneers

ADScAsdvsDcAs stated earlier, individuals with gaps, cracks, chipping and uneven teeth qualify for this dentistry procedure. Besides, if you have colored teeth and you wish to have them concealed, denver veneers can work for you. Also crucial to note is that people with missing teeth, grind teeth and teeth that have been weakened by fractures, large fillings and decay do not qualify to have veneers.

Veneers care

Veneers are fragile. Therefore, if you do not accord them proper care, you can be sure of visiting your dentist sooner than you expected. Some of the things you have to avoid are biting nails, taking ice, hard objects and chewing pencils. It is also key to practice good oral hygiene procedures such as brushing teeth and flossing to minimize chances of decay. Lastly, have regular check-ups. With such, your dentist will rectify any problem noted. Consequently, you will have your veneers flawless and stable for a longer period.