Things You Should know About Cough And Cold Treatment


Coughing is something irritating that nobody will love to have. It is very annoying if you have a dry cough or a wheezing type. Coughing is the body’s process of clearing out any irritants that might be obstructing breathing passage. Coughs may result to make your chest muscles pain and sore. Coughs are caused by many factors which include asthma, respiratory infections, cold and flu, smoking, and allergies. Other medicinal drugs like antihistamines and anti hypertensive can also cause coughs.

You can prevent getting a cough at home by avoiding triggering factors. The following are the effective treatment options for cold and cough treatment.


It is important to keep yourself hydrated by taking lots of water. Respiratory disease canΒ create post-nasal drip that tickles down the throat, producing cough and irritation. Hence loosen mucus by having lots of fluids.

Steam Showers

You can be able to loosen the accumulated mucus in the airways and lungs by having a hot shower. Easy your allergies and coughs by having a hot bath. You can use steam inhalation as it is one way of relieving cough and chest congestion.

Warm Drinks And Lozenges

You can be able to reduce your cough reflex by taking a drop of lozenge or menthol which causes numbness’s in your throat. You can significantly soothe your throat by drinking herbal tea.


Decongestants reduce the nasal tissue swelling by reducing nasal congestion. They are available in nasal sprays, pills, and nasal syrups. Decongestants cannot be used for more than a week. You can increase the risk of recurrence if you overuse the decongestants.

Cough Suppressants And Expectorants

Consider going for a cough medicine if your condition is worse that stops you from sleeping and pains your chest muscle. They improve the chest discomfort and assist you in breathing quickly. Expectorants are prescribed to loosen mucus so that it eliminates coughing; cough suppressants are advised to be taken at night only. You should not give children who are less than five years medicine as it may result in severe side effects.


jbthbgyhYou can switch to over the counter medicine if you have the remedies you are trying at home are not working for your cough.

Sometimes it is advisable to treat the root causes of a cough. You can relieve your cough symptoms by treating asthma, acid reflux, and allergies. For a persistent cough, visit the doctor